Sunday, January 19, 2020

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Prehispanic Wedding


  This Event is a life option for a wedding featuring Mother Earth, the Universe and the Nature, great moment of infinite joy express throug ceremony unforgettable.


   The ancentral married, called "Nenamoctiliztli" in nahualt, is famous agreenment between two people to share and give continuity their lifes, living together in love and be discovered each other.


   As will join infinite love? 
    We offer the great "ollintonalli", small group since along time ago: composer shaman, dancers and musicians, who will perform a ritual ceremony which
 will last of between 30 or 40 minutes.


   This  adventure will be back pre-hispanic times, but still retains the same tradition. 


   This purification Ceremony and will relax and emotionally closed with your family and your partner.

    After  Steam House you can bathe in the clare waters of a cenote.

    You will feel in a new body and new soul.